The Layoff Web Sites Are a-Growing

By Matt Van Hoven 

A new social networking site for anyone who’s been laid off, or fired, aptly named ThankYouForFiringMe has just popped onto our radar. Who says social networking is dead?

We figure this site’s creator could have saved a lot of time by creating a Facebook or MySpace group, but then that wouldn’t be very original now would it? The site isn’t advertising-specific, but nonetheless it’s a community (about 70 folks so far) of similarly-fated folks who can, presumably, drown their sorrows together. Collective gulps of whiskey may now commence.

The site’s founder writes in the mission statement:
“I learned two things (after being fired):
1. I was not my job, my business card or my paycheck
2. I can survive anything… with laughter.”


Sounds nice, right? Check it out.

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