The Internet is Mocking Carl’s Jr. Over this Spot Featuring Todd Gurley Biting Into a CGI Burger

By Erik Oster 

Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley starred in a spot 72andSunny launched for Carl’s Jr. promoting the chain’s California Classic Double Cheeseburger that is receiving a fair bit of attention online — only not the kind the brand was probably hoping for. 

In the spot, Gurley bites into the burger, except it’s incredibly obvious that the California Classic Double Cheeseburger in question is a CGI creation. So where’s the beef? And why swap it out for CGI? Adweek wonders if Gurley is actually a vegetarian. (But then wouldn’t he be opposed to promoting the chain in the first place?) So many questions. The “chomping down on a burger” sound effect deserves some attention as well.

“Welcome to Cali” focuses on Gurley arriving in California, met by his agent. The stereotypically slimy character asks if he’s hungry before shouting for a burger and then demanding 20 percent of the cut (of beef). It’s not so bad as far as Carl’s Jr. spots go, definitely a step above the brand’s previous approach of hiring a model and showing as much skin as possible.

But all anyone is going to remember is that CGI burger. And, indeed, the YouTube comments are pretty brutal. One viewer asks “If you can’t even doll up a real burger for the ad, how can we trust you to make any burger look good?” while another claims “That CGI burger is as inflated as your prices.” Ouch.