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By SuperSpy 

Planner Survey Results 2008

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The 2008 Planner Survey results have been out for a hot minute now, but they just landed on our radar. This is the fourth year that Heather LeFevre has called upon planners to answer questions about their salary, experience, satisfaction, etc. The survey respondents were 56% men and 44% Women with 461 from USA and 337 from outside the country.

Highlights include that the number one blog read by planner is Russell Davies, followed by Fallon Planning and PSFK.


If they could work anywhere, 63% said they would stay where they were currently. Fifty-six said Wieden. Twenty-nine, Crispin. Anomaly, StrawberryFrog, Naked, Goodby, Ideo and Google also got mentions.

Deeper in the survey gets to salary with results for Sr. Planner’s in the US clocking in at an average of $104,000 after six years in planning. Head of Planning in the US with 9 years under your belt will get you a cool $167,000. Of course, ladies are still pulling in less.

Planners? There’s more good stuff in the deck above. It’s a must read.