The IdeaLists Turns ‘Dogboarding’ into Music Marketing Gold

By Bob Marshall 

Since Monday, “Dogboarding” has racked up over close to 1 million views on Vimeo. It makes a whole lot of sense. Who wouldn’t want to shred the gnar with the help of their fluffy-wuffykins?

Not so long ago, “Dogboarding” was a creative idea left on the cutting room floor. Like many interesting creative ideas, it was lost somewhere amid hours of brainstorming sessions. After it was produced, it was at risk of becoming just another failed brand marketing concept, stored away somewhere and marked property of the (unknown) client. Thanks to the IdeaLists, the idea was revived, and now we get to see man’s best friend get tre-flipped into a smith grind down a 5-step rail in this piece of music marketing.


Undoubtedly, the view count of this spot will get its creators, Daniels, some well-paid gigs in the future and the band responsible for the soundtrack, Foster the People, some shows down the line. Any creative frustrated with IP retainers who are interested in finding a lost idea a home can check out the IdeaLists website for info and the like.