The High School for Innovation in Advertising and Media

By Matt Van Hoven 

(The video above was shot on my brand-spanking-new Flip Mino, which I procured yesterday at B&H. Damn, is that a cool store! Anyway, the shooting is rough, and the subject’s face is really super close. Apologies, I’m new to this. Anyway, expect to see more original content in coming days/weeks/milliseconds.)

After our first round of whiskey-sodas at last night’s opening party for Advertising Week V (at the ever-swanky ice rink bar at 30 Rockefeller Plaza), we bumped into title-less Josh Newman founder of Norwalk, Conn., based MediaTavern.


Josh was with creative director/delightful human Erin Clark. After learning that MT played a large role in getting AW5 off the ground, we jumped to another subject we’d been dying to learn more about &#151 the High School for Innovation in Advertising and Media.

Launched this year, a frosh class out at the old (but refurbed) Canarsie high school will be learning all the same stuff other high schoolers do, with the added bonus of all things advertising. We doubt AgencySpy will be part of the curriculum; however, you may know an addy or two that has spoken to the lads and lasses. That’s thanks to a futures program that connects ad-professionals with the classes in a what-do-you-do kind of way.

See, advertising isn’t all evil! Speaking of see-no-whateva, MT’s ‘Click to Begin’ helps get technology in the hands of said students> The non-profit is something every ad-shop (nay, every company) should have going on. Check out the site, here.

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