The Harmon Brothers Are Still Oddly Obsessed With Poop

By Patrick Coffee 

Remember the Harmon Brothers? They’re best known in the world at large for working on those Poopourri ads along with their (former?) partners at Ackermania Creative.

In fact, those two parties had a bit of an argument on this here blog last summer. The issue at hand was which party had played lead on a campaign involving paintballs that didn’t quite impress our famously skeptical readers in the first fucking place.

Anyway, here’s another campaign promoting a product that helps consumers poop more efficiently. It’s like these dudes have found their niche or something.


In short, your dog has the right idea because it’s all about the squat.

That was very graphic and very, very long. We stopped watching after :90 or so and didn’t really get the haiku. But you know, user generated content!

The point is made, though: we’re not doing it right!

If you’ve been watching Dr. Oz or searching for the “pooping wrong” tag on Men’s Health in recent months/years, you may have heard of the “squatty potty” mentioned above. The product itself has been around for a while but has yet to blow the fuck up like the clogged toilet on our imaginary yacht for some reason.

That reason is clear: needz moar unicornss.

At any rate, someone is definitely still stuck in Freud’s anal stage…