The Garden Seduces Clients with Disturbing Video Starring Dic Dickerson (His Real Name!)

By Erik Oster 

This Valentine’s Day, Toronto-based agency The Garden found an, err, different way to attract the attention of potential clients.

The agency recently launched “The Garden Gnome,” an initiative that allows clients to quickly contact the agency and get them working on their brief. To promote the effort, The Garden created a video aimed at “Clients aged 18+” featuring scantily clad managing director Dic Dickerson (his real name).

It’s certainly one of the stranger self-promotional videos we’ve seen. Utilizing a grainy film style, it opens with a voiceover opining about difficulties with current clients, followed by a winking, “Finding a creative solution doesn’t have to be so hard.” Dickerson then goes on to flaunt the strategically-placed gnome suggestively in various scenarios throughout the remainder of the video. You’ll never look at gnomes the same way again.