The “G” And The Missing “T” In GSD&M

By SuperSpy 

The “G” in Greed, Sex, Drugs & Money, Bill Gurasich, is spreading his wings beyond the advertising world to focus on a retail project in Austin. Part of that ambitious project is to turn a parking lot into a 90-room boutique hotel, two restaurants and a mix of retailers. Work will begin in November with completion slated for 2010.

Do you know how Greed, Sex got their start? From chutzpah kind of like what Gurasich is displaying above. In 1970, six friends were attending the University of Texas. You know, smoking weed, chillaxing, when the dean of students asked them create an orientation film. The six (Roy Spence, Tim McClure, bros Steve and Bill Gurasich, Judy Trabulsi and Jim Darilek) were known as the “Media 70” then. For photos of them during that time period, go here. They produced a video jam packed with icons of the day from Janis Joplin, to the Vietnam War.


And the band was born. Upon graduation in 1971, they came up with the idea of starting an advertising agency together. They initially used the name AdVantage Associates, but later changed it to Gurasich, Spence, Darilek & McClure. Judy decided she wouldn’t be listed, since she was going to get married and leave the firm. Despite that, all hail an original Cashmere Mafia member. Without her, where would us ladies be?

Oddly, she still uses Trabulsi. Wonder if she regrets that decision, but then… what would they have been? Greed, Sex, Drugs, & Money was part of their little joke, as all of these concepts can be used to sell advertising. Oh! I know! It would have been Greed, Sex, Drugs, Tits And Money. Right. Right.

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