The Furor Over StrawberryFrog

By SuperSpy 

Yesterday, Adweek gave CEO of StrawberryFrog Scott Goodson and his top notch head of planning, Chip Walker, a page to discuss how agencies could beat the recession. It’s all very interesting, but what caught our eye is the comment war taking place right beneath the article.

Twenty-three comments grace the page. For Adweek, that’s a whopper of a number. And what are they saying?


“…a truly game changing idea”? where would i go to get that? oh, at strawberryfrog, of course. just be careful you don’t get gential [sic] warts as a result.”

“[sic] you guys are just haters. which one of you is a pissed off employee?”

“WTF? so, i lost my job, and i can feel better if i buy lipstick and stain remover because i need to be competative [sic]? or, i can overcompensate for the fact that i am poor and hungry by eating out at mickey d’s to spend more quality time with my family? wow. i want to work with you guys and think up crap like this. maybe i’ll get famous too, like scott.”

“[sic] yes mr or miss frogpiss, airfrog, wart, dissected frog, frogpork or frogbacon looks like an unhappy ex-frog in need of a copywriting course refresher…”

“I hate to enter the fray and don’t want to stand between a flamer and their need to publicly vent (enjoy your vent my friend) – but SF’s 2008 clients include clients like Procter&Gamble, Pepsi Co Frito Lay, Morgan Stanley, etc. Lots of thinking and work going on whether you like the CEO or not….”

“I agree with MaryJ, these new agencies like Anomaly, Modernista, The Barbarian Group and Strawberryfrog don’t have the experience or the cases of our big agencies. In times like these, you should only trust the big established agencies, they know best. What do these new agencies really have to offer?”

It’s ugly out there. Under contention is the accounts that Da Frog holds. From our reporting, in 2008 the US shop won Sabra Hummus and Stacy’s Pita Chips. There was also global brand, Mahindra.
Hmmm… but it seems like there’s more to it than that. The nasty comments have a bit more vitriol to them. Are these just some angry ex-staffers picking apart Da Frog or is it just big agencies taking the piss out of a smaller one? Either way, it’s entertaining and we can guarantee the comments will only keep coming.

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