The FTC Wants to Silence Intel’s Choir

By Kiran Aditham 

The Federal Trade Commission has sued the Cali-based chip maker for using its dominant marketing position “to stifle competition and strengthen its monopoly.” That’s just the beginning of it. In a statement, the FTC alleges that “Intel has waged a systematic campaign to shut out rivals’ competing microchips by cutting off their access to the marketplace. In the process, Intel deprived consumers of choice and innovation in the microchips that comprise the computers…CPU.”

With no love for the brand’s mustachioed “rock star” or those pitch-perfect employees, the FTC is also claiming that Intel “secretly redesigned key software, known as a compiler, in a way that deliberately stunted the performance of competitors.” The agency in turn is looking to prohibit Intel from using threats, bundled prices or other offers to “encourage exclusive deals, hamper competition, or unfairly manipulate the prices.”

According to the New York Times, this isn’t Intel’s first bust for antitrust as the company has faced fire from New York AG Andrew Cuomo and just settled for $1.25 billion to squash its beef with rival AMD.


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