The Fighting Bridge Worldwide

By SuperSpy 

Jay Woffington, CEO of Bridge Worldwide, passed CEO Peter’s Way’s Northlich LLC in 2007 to become Cincinnati’s largest advertising agency. Don’t be snide. Yes, Cincinnati has more than one advertising firm.

Jay’s response to the news was: “I think we overtook them a couple of years ago, actually.”


The shop is a subsidiary of WPP Group that generally works in the financial and healthcare markets. This year they added 60 workers in the past year making it a total of 195 inside its doors. Recession? What recession? Their Facebook page boasts their achievements: “We’re known as one of the top 100 marketing services companies, one of the 50 largest interactive agencies in the nation, and one of America’s Best Places to Work.” We stole some images from their Facebook page to from their holiday and Halloween parties, as well as their the kick ball set.

Congrats to Bright Worldwide.