The Famous Group Conjures 3D Pre-Game Show for LA Clippers

By Kiran Aditham 

To help hype up their hometown team, bi-coastal production company The Famous Group follows what they’ve done for a variety of teams including the Brooklyn Nets, the New York Knicks, and the Dallas Cowboys by unveiling a short, sweet piece of eye candy for the LA Clippers.

3D court projection is nothing new — check out what various NBA teams have done here — but it remains a quick, compelling way to get fans involved before player introductions even get underway.

Above is the latest effort from Famous Group for the Clippers, which ran prior to the team’s March 20 game against the Washington Wizards at the Staples Center. Most surprisingly, it appears that the players remain unfazed by the technical wizardry (complete with Lil’ Jon soundtrack) unfolding around them as they continue their pre-game warmup.

According to Famous Group executive producer Andrew Isaacson,  “We wanted to provide the Clippers with an explosive opening video that takes court projection to the next level.  The combination of our big 3D animation coupled with the physical LED balls allow fans to literally become part of the show.”

For what it’s worth, the 3D intro was probably worth the price of admission, but the fact that the Clippers beat the Wizards 113-99 sweetened the deal.


Client: Los Angeles Clippers

President, Business Operations: Gillian Zucker

Vice President, Marketing: Matt Paye

Game Entertainment Director: Marianne Bogoyevac

Spirit Dance Team Director: Audrea Harris

Production Company: The Famous Group, LA/NY

Executive Creative Director: Greg Harvey

Executive Producer: Andrew Isaacson

Creative Director: Hemu Karadkar

Managing Director: David Kwan

Producer: Brandon Grabowski

Producer: Ben Baisden

Editor: Steve Davis

Designers/Animators: Mike Cahill, Tyler Hayward

Designers: Jose Guardado, Tin Tran

Animators: James Kim, Josh Pierce, Troy Chrisman

Live Video Capture & Editing: Steve Davis, Tony Rago

Sound Design: 740 Sound

Owner: Scott Ganary

Producer: Jeff Martin

Designer: Chris Pinkston

Court Projection: Benchmark Productions

Consultants: Chris Tardiff and Josh Bachman

Arena Support: AEG Worldwide

Director: Wade Loewe

Lighting Designer: Tad Inferrera

Music: DJ Snake, Lil Jon

LED balls: Chaos