The Egotist Returns, This Time from Alberta

By Kiran Aditham 

Wow, how long has it been since we’ve heard from our pals at the Egotist network?  We think it was Des Moines back in June of last year, but anyhow, the folks are back and beaming their ad scene reports from Alberta. Yes, Alberta, so let’s hear what’s going on with our neighbors to the northwest.

Alberta is a tough market. Talent that starts here seldom stays. We’re continually bleeding great creative people into Toronto and Vancouver. When talent leaves it makes it harder for local shops to hang on to great accounts.


Our market is home to two massive communications providers: Shaw and Telus and Westjet, an extremely successful airline. All of which have agencies of record out of our market.

But we’re not suffering. There’s a serious digital pedigree here. We’re home to Critical Mass, who recently moved offices to accommodate their 300+ sized team in Calgary. Evans Hunt has had explosive growth. Two years ago they sported a team of 12. Now they have more than 40.

Boutique shops like Sajak&Farki dazzle blue-chip accounts like Toyota with their playful interactive work.

Earlier this year MacLaren McCann Calgary won Mark’s – a national clothing retailer – keeping the account in Calgary.

Alberta is the birthplace of iStockPhoto & Veer. Some might even argue the micro-stock market as a whole.

There is no shortage of jobs. Almost any agency you might call is hiring. It’s rare to hear of big layoff news. It was a surprise when Veer closed its Calgary office in January. All that talent!

Of course many got snapped up right away. Or they joined Uppercut. A creative studio founded by 18 of the Veer alumni.

Here’s a little peek into the happenings of Alberta:

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