The Egos to Determine Top Agency Through Ping Pong

By Kiran Aditham 

While nothing really strokes agency folks’ egos like the size of their hardware (Jeff Goodby possibly being the exception), a new awards show dubbed, yes, The Egos, is selecting the best agency based not on client roster or creative work but ping pong skills.

Event sponsor Bing, who could possibly nibble at another .0001% of Google’s search engine share after this is over, calls the judge-less competition “illustrious” and “a breath of fresh air.” Feels more like smog considering that anti-awards award shows are nothing new these days.


Regardless, those who want to enter their agency in the ping pong battle, which takes place in New York City on September 24th, can do so on the barebones site and possibly make the shortlist of 64(?!) competing firms.

Whether the Egos even reaches that optimistic figure is another story (unless you add beer). But on August 17th, agencies can find out who made the cut and then select their best player to represent them at the event. The last person standing wins a Mongoose VS Cobra award, which could either serve as a shiny complement to your Titaniums and Grand Prixs or as a doorstop. Your call.

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