The Dude Won’t Be Voicing Hyundai Spots on Oscar Night

By Kiran Aditham 

Thanks to a pesky little Academy rule that prohibits an advertiser from running ads during the Oscars within 30 minutes of the appearance of a presenter or nominee who is part of the ad, Hyundai will be replacing Jeff Bridges’ voiceover with those of Fox Mulder, Mr. Blonde and more.

Since Bridges, whose VO work can be heard in this Sonata spot, is a Best Actor nominee (and likely shoe-in) for his role as a grizzled, fallen country musician in Crazy Heart, he’s basically shit out of luck during the telecast when it comes to his ad gig. We’re not sure how many times this has occurred on Oscar night, but Mediapost spoke with Hyundai and has more on the story here.


Via Dave Ibsen

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