The Double Standard Of USA Today

By SuperSpy 

Print may be lying low in the gutter like a drunken Bobby Brown, but that hasn’t stopped USA Today from turning down ad dollars.

The paper has decided not to run an ad from the Candie’s Foundation’s that comes with the headline “America, Wake Up. We have an epidemic.” The epidemic in question refers to teen pregnancy. Copy for the ad comes complete with visual shout outs to Bristol Palin and Jamie Lynn Spears. Fun! Why? They did not want to offend its readers.


Never fear! The NY Post has balls big enough to take the foundation’s dollars. Plus, the broadcast PSAs will begin running during tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl – the offensive to many, salacious TV show all about teen sex, which USA Today has run print ads for and written oodles of loving editorial about it, as well.

Really, USA Today… in this marketplace the double standard is a bit silly.

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