The CW Promotes VD, Sparks Controversy…Again

By Michael Musco 

Whether you’re driving along Sunset Blvd or walking around Times Square, you’ve most likely noticed the billboards for CW’s Vampire Diaries broadcasting the message ” Catch VD.” Ahh, CW, the perennially also-ran network is trying a little wordplay. Clever.

This isn’t the first time The CW has “pushed the envelope.”  You may recall the puritans at the Parents Television Council were jumping all over the network’s “OMFG” ads for Gossip Girl.


When approached  for a comment, a CW  spokesperson released this statement: “VD simply stands for Vampire Diaries, and anyone who thinks otherwise should probably get themselves checked out.”

It’s only a play on words; any copywriter should appreciate that fact. The slogan does exactly what a good line should, draw attention! We say well done and applaud CW for having a pair. Check out the Times Square billboard after the jump.