The Community Crafts ‘Dear Summer’ for Corona

By Erik Oster 

With only a couple of months left of spring, Miami-based SapientNitro cross-cultural agency The Community (formerly La Communidad) created a new spot promoting Corona Extra entitled “Dear Summer.”

The 60-second spot is narrated by Winter, whose address to summer celebrates the season via comparison to the less pleasant aspects of winter. While summer has bonfires, winter’s fires are for not freezing; people can swim in the summer’s waters, people slip and fall on winter ice. “You even have your own beer, how can I compete with that?” winter asks. (Actually, there are a lot of great winter seasonal beers, but we won’t go off on that tangent…) It’s a bit of a cheesy approach, but it integrates the product well — presenting Corona as the beer of summer with the tagline “Always Summer” — and fits nicely with the brand’s larger “Find Your Beach” positioning. The spot ends with a reminder of the season’s ephemeral nature with the line “P.S. Fall says ‘hi.”



Client: Corona
Agency: The Community
Chief Creative Officer: Jose Mollá & Joaquin Mollá
Creative Director: Rodrigo Butori
Art Director: Aaron Willard
Copywriter: Aaron Zimroth, Matias Blazevic, Ibon Iraola
VP of Integrated Production: Laurie Malaga
Senior Producer: Julio Rangel
Account Director: Maryanne Dammrich
Account Associate: Daniel Gergely
Account Executive(s): Sophia Gonzalez
Account Coordinator: Erika Rivera

Production Company: Partizan
Director: John Dolan
Director of Photography: Alex Lamarque
Executive Producer: Sheila Stepanek
Head of Production: Jennifer Gee
Producer: John Benet
Offline Editing House: Beast Editorial
Online Post House: Vapor Post
Editor: Rob Watzke
Assistant Editor: Evelina Gokinayeva
Producer: Mary Stasilli

Music House: Circle of Sound
Composer: Circle of Sound
Producer: Guillermo De La Barreda
Color Correction/VFX: Vapor Post
Audio Mix: Elastik Music
Producer: Luli De Oto
Mixer: Gustavo Briceno