The Brooklyn Brothers Hype Halftime for Pepsi

By Erik Oster 

Comedian Craig Robinson stars in agency The Brooklyn Brothers’ latest efforts for Pepsi’s “Hyped for Halftime” campaign, “Headin’ to Halftime,” a collaboration with Comedy Central.

The series (comprising three online spots) sees Robinson getting his band, The Nasty Delicious, together to play the Super Bowl Half Time show (a lifelong dream) with some help from Robinson’s fairy godmother. In “The Nasty What Now?” Robinson’s fairy godmother is introduced and we learn that The Nasty Delicious will be headed to Arizona. The group is actually Robinson’s band in real life, but in reality, of course, Katy Perry will be headlining the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show. While it’s possible the Nasty Delicious could make a brief cameo before Perry’s performance, the band will be definitely be playing the night before at Comedy Central’s Key & Peele’s Super Bowl Comedy Special.


The second ad sees Robinson and his magic companion getting the band back together (they’ve gone on to some pretty important jobs). At over three minutes long it tends to drag along a part of the story that really should have been handled more quickly. Part three, meanwhile, sees Robinson attempt to get The Nasty Delicious’ groove back. The latest effort takes “Hyped for Halftime” to new levels of goofiness as the band finally performs, while working in something of a surprise ending.