The Best Ad-Related Videos of the Week

By The Advert 

7. Ad-related means, to us, that a video in some way promotes a brand. So in this case scientists used LEGOs to build an apparatus to help their research, it’s not necessarily a purposeful promotion of the toy brand, but the effect is the same. Check it out.

6.  The wall of death – it’s a classic trick of physics that became a popular circus attraction in the early days of automotive advancement. Today, what with the hipsters and all their days-of-yore aesthetic, the wall has made a comeback. Mazda capitalizes on the phenomenon by tossing their little Mazda 2.


5. Last Sunday it was April Fool’s. This clip for Warby Barker is our favorite execution because no one was harmed, dogs wear glasses, and it makes sense for the brand on a few levels. Good job, Warby Parker.

4 Current.TV, those rogue newsmakers, wave the black flag in this new branding clip. It’s dark, a bit scary really, and tells a tale that no other mainstream news outlet is capable of owning. Way to carve that niche.

3. The official redband trailer for Seth McFarlane’s “Ted” starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis.

2.The Google Glasses clip everyone’s been talking about is something to behold. Though it’s but a lowly proof of concept film, it is inspiring and gives us hope of one day overcoming mobile phone borne carpal tunnel.

1. This one’s as straightforward as they come – Facebook, if it were invented in the 90s, would be awesome.