The Best Ad-Related Videos of the Week

By The Advert 

5. Ellen Degeneres had a bit of a dust up a few weeks ago when a group on Facebook railed against her and JC Penney to hire her as a spokeswoman. But the brand stuck with her, and today they release this teaser spot with the new spokeswoman. The piece hints at a sleek redesign and eclectic clothing. We’re not sold on their overhaul yet but we’ll definitely have the rebrand in the forefront of our minds when the carpet rolls out.

4. From Black Sheep Films comes the Inception Rollercoaster. If you haven’t seen this by now, it’s simple and elegant. But is it Inception? Not really, but we understand the nomenclature.

3. Rocketing up the trendomatic chart this week is a great little promotional piece for Australia’s own Central Institute of Technology, starring two guys name Aaron and Henry who teleport around campus checking out the school’s offering. That is, until Aaron teleports himself into the wrong place. This is probably the very first ad for a tech school that’s actually good.

2. Kitties! They just woke up from a nap, so, why haven’t you pressed play yet?

1. Topping off the week is the return of Kenny Powers, who channels Steve Jobs in this five-minute piece.