The Best Ad-Related Videos of the Week

By The Advert 

Good golly, only two weekends left. Soon, your clients will become responsible again and you’ll have to meet deadlines with their input (instead of without, which is worse anyway). So get your raving shoes on and get out into the world. Party. Dance. Sun. Sext. Whatever it takes to have enough fun to get you through the next 9 months, do it. Do it. Be the person the cowboy paid homage to when he said it’s good to know the Dude is out there, takin’ ‘er easy fer the rest uv us sinners. Or whatever it was.

4. In the course of life, there are things you will remember forever. ‘Game of Thrones opening sung by cat’ is easily one of them. See if you can get it out of your head. It may be catchier than ‘Legitimate Rape Song’ which is actually very catchy.


3.Who needs speeders when you have an actual hover bike? The only question that remains is why a person would use one of these when it is basically a hovercraft that doesn’t float on the water. It’s less useful, if not cooler.

2. NASA is the best, ever, at everything. From going to Mars to mapping the Milky Way. Here, see data from the Kepler Observatory after it’s been converted into a video about a planet with a couple thousand planets. This will mesmerize you and make you wish you had a real job in the stars.

1. Meet Anthony. He is an autistic man living in Canada who is starting his own courier service, with the help of his assistant. Anthony would like your business. But more importantly, we would like you to watch this video so you can be reminded of how wonderful life can be, even when it’s not. This, my friends, is going to get your brains working – on an excuse to send something via courier in Edmonton.