The Best Ad-Related Videos of the Week

By The Advert 

Yet another week means another chance to drown your Friday in booze and internets. Here for your entertainment needs, as always, is this week’s sorta-ad-related web videos!

6.  Google. Dont’cha just hate this brand? They only sell two thing: Gmail and your data, and yet they have some truly epic work to show off their other skill set: science things.


5.  TNT, fresh off shooting up Belgium, has yet another execution for their new show, Perception – which is about a crazy man. This is an installation from Breakfast NY showing how the main character’s brain works. Kind of. Watch.

4. Space! One day we will all live there (despite the fact that technically we already DO live there). Here’s a sneak preview of the first solo mission, where the ‘naut is not coming back.

3. Living in NYC is an extended vacation, I always say. In this video, NYC is a literal amusement park (again). We can’t get enough of these.

2. The internet is always bringing us new ways to communicate. See if you can figure this one out.

1. Detroit! It’s not as shitty as you’d think, especially when seen from the eyes of a drone helicopter thing. Prepare yourself for confusingly stark beauty.