The Best Ad-Related Videos of the Week

By The Advert 

Tallyho! It’s Friday and you need something, anything, to help kill the time before the whistle blows and you slide down your dinosaur’s tale and into your leg-powered car for a night at the movies where you’ll eat a massive rack of dino-ribs but not before it tips over your car. So here’s some videos to pass the time until said whistle-blow.

As always, these are semi-ad related, meaning they promote a product or a line of thinking or art or design or whatever. But who cares, just watch.


6. The Power of Your Mind, by BFG9000 starts off this week’s list. In it, an unseen person uses his mind to control, at the behest of a voice-over guy that sounds a bit like Will Ferrell doing James Lipton.


5My Damn Channel is up next, with a promo for their upcoming live show. This thing is mesmerizing for some reason, though admittedly we don’t know wtf is up with the girls in the background.


4.Late Night television is back, it seems, and Jimmy Kimmel is at least partially responsible for some of the goodness. Here’s a segment  called “Celebrities Read Tweets About Themselves”, which basically sums up the clip.


3. Art! It’s the heart of the business, yes? No. But it’s the inspiration for a lot of work. Here’s a piece of art that will probably show up as a piece of a campaign somewhere one day.


2. Sex. It sells! Another thing it does is turn your brain from a logic machine into a one issue voter, and that issue is she-banging. Geometric Porn (NSFW?) proves that.


1. Here’s a short animated film called RUIN. It’s our favorite this week because it’s just so freaking awesome. Got 8 minutes? Grab your soup and sit back. Turn up the sound. Get er on full screen. This one’s going to take you for a little ride.