The Best Ad-Related Videos of the Week

By The Advert 

It’s that time again, when we fill the remainder of your day with ad-related videos. Huzzah and you’re welcome. This week, get down with the People’s Car project and, if you dare, take flight in this new hover craft thing. But wait! There’s more: MasterLock got some ‘splainin to do after a 5 year old picked their shit faster than you can say “today, i watched a video where a 5 year old picked a Master Lock…I am useless both because I can’t pick a lock and I spend my time watching videos of children who are more talented than myself.” Say it with me! Enjoy the weekend.


5. Universal Hovercraft! This is a machine that can literally go anywhere. Being enamored with this kind of thing isn’t weird so stop judging.


4. Kayak and BFG9000 bring the creepy-weepies in this new spot where a guy dilates his eyes so he doesn’t miss any deals while searching for travel bookings. Please God, never let me turn out like either of those people.


3. China! They have cars now (well, more people can afford them, anyway) and VW is wise to it. This case study demonstrates a project that BBDO ran that let the people submit ideas for outta-the-box rides, and this is the story of the girl who won. You’re gonna tear up and be all “see, Ron, <i>this</i> is the kind of advertising I want to be doing…Hey did you get those tickets to Googa Mooga?”


2.  This is the one where the kid picks the Master Lock. Locks: they’re overrated. Literally.


1. Cottonelle started running this strange spot las month. Apparently, we’re now supposed to use two forms of paper on our asses. Might as well jump in the shower at that point, f’yask me.


0.  Nike! Footballers! Emotion! Interactive! Everyone who ever launched a web video that didn’t rack up 281k views in 24 hours, you’re doing it wrong.