The Barclaycard Introduces Us to the Horrifying World of Toys

By Bob Marshall 

Seeing this new spot for Barclaycard UK from BBH London, you have to wonder whether or not the first test-screeners of Toy Story looked like this. And, by “this,” I mean a terrifying journey into the land of toys, where everything from Barbie dolls to an RC helicopters have a sinister agenda for the confused middle-aged consumer.

However, I cannot speak for parents who have to do holiday shopping for their kids. In that sense, this may actually be an accurate representation of what a toy store looks like–a dizzying mess of colors and sounds that would leave some people foaming at that mouth while writhing around on the floor.

While this spot doesn’t exactly help parents decide what to buy for their kids (Pro Tip: Your kid probably knows what it wants for Christmas and could write you a list 50 items long if you give her or she the opportunity), it does give a quick example of the ease with which you can use the Barclaycard. I mean, you just wave your phone over a credit card machine or something, right? But you need some sort of sticker on the back of it? And it has to do with VISA? Well, if you want more info, visit the Barclaycard’s U.S. site here, and get your tickets for Justin Bieber’s performance tonight at Brooklyn’s new Barclays Center here. Credits after the jump.

AGENCY CREATIVE DIRECTORS Matt Doman and Ian Heartfield
AGENCY CREATIVES Tom Drew and Uche Ezugwu
PRODUCTION COMPANY Gorgeous Enterprises / Passion Pictures
DIRECTOR Chris Palmer
PRODUCER Rupert Smythe

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