The Balls Are Back in Town

By Erik Oster 

Earlier this month, Clemenger BBDO launched a spot for underwear brand featuring anthropomorphized testicles, entitled “The Boys,” which concluded with the pair feeling a new level of comfort thanks to the brand. As promised, the agency is back with a follow-up, which manages to be funnier and more entertaining than the original effort.

“The Boys – Part 2” opens with the duo protesting loudly to going for a swim. “Do you even know what happens to us when we go for a swim?” they ask the brain. From there, the spot explores such testicular comfort issues as a cellphone going off too close for comfort and wearing an old, hole-filled pair of underwear.

While it seemed like the concept may have run its course at the end of the initial effort, the follow-up actually is an improvement, with its better pacing and exploration of testicular relationships providing more laughs than the first. A third spot is expected in the coming weeks.