The 2013 Subaru BRZ is So Hot It Burns

By Ella Riley-Adams 

A car that’s known for its mom-friendliness and the affectionate nickname “Subie” has to do something big to ramp up its sex appeal. So, with the arrival of the “designed to ignite” 2013 Subaru BRZ, DDB Canada showcases the car’s hotness by having it scorch everything in its immediate vicinity. As plastic cups and yellow paint bubble and curl, dubstep (“Execute” by Excision) wails in the Radke’s Common Good-directed launch spot.

The mystery of a sizzling car park is captivating, though when the source is revealed to be a Subaru and not a steaming, million-toothed monster, this spot feels like a bit of a letdown. Maybe lovers of “car porn” will feel differently.

“The Subaru BRZ is a hot car, with a great deal of excitement already surrounding its release,” says Todd Mackie, creative director of DDB Canada, in a statement. “We wanted to create a visual story to mirror that anticipation while captivating both existing fans and reaching new ones.”

DDB Canada expanded on their burning hot motif with a scorched street-art installation at the 2012 Montreal Grand Prix featuring interactive, informational QR codes. Continual online advertising burns up computer screens and tablets to reveal the Subaru BRZ, while a hologram lenticular in Toronto city magazine The Grid also shows the BRZ incinerating the pages. It’s a sexy idea, but does anyone want a physically hot car in the middle of summer? Perhaps the next Subie spot should also highlight its superior AC—then we’d really have something to lust after.