That Bomb Scare Lady is Counter-suing Jet Blue for $50 Mil

By Matt Van Hoven 

Remember Rosalinda Baez, the former Schematic SVP and TBWA staffer who lost everything when she said something about a bomb before getting on a plane? Yeah, the once-pretty-well off addie has filed suit against JetBlue, for a paltry $50 million, saying that the gate attendant lied about what she said that day.

Before boarding a flight to Austin, Texas from New York’s JFK, Baez allegedly said (after arriving late to the gate), “Well, I have a bomb in my bag [which was checked on the plane], so are you guys going to turn the plane around?”

The plane was forced to land in Virginia, the bags were checked and Baez’s life went down the crapper, she says.


“Here we are a year later, and I’m still being affected,” she said in an interview with the New York Post. “I’m unemployed, I’ve lost my house, I have no money. I don’t have anything left.” She also said she’s been blackballed by the industry and can’t get a job. Hmm, doesn’t she read the papers or the trades, for that matter? The jobs are few and far between. Shocking, I know.

That job, as we told you a year ago, paid her $190,000 annually. Ouch.

Anyway Baez’s suit alleges that what she actually said was, “[i]sn’t it a security risk to let a bag go on a plane without a passenger? What if there was a bomb in the bag?”

Yeah, kinda strange, no? JetBlue probably shouldn’t have let the plane take off if the security risk really was that high. Anyway what do you think &#151 should she get the $50 million?

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