Tether Finds the Right Fit for Safariland

By Erik Oster 

Seattle-based independent creative agency Tether launched a campaign for Safariland, promoting its GLS Pro-Fit Holsters with the message, “Fit is Everything.”

The campaign is the first from creative director Hart Rusen since joining the agency from Publcis Seattle in May. A 30-second spot depicts two hunters struggling to lift the buck they just shot. They manage to lift it and as they drive away the shot reveals it is a very large buck, strapped to a fairly small car. The shot is followed by the “Fit is Everything” tagline and a line branding the holsters as “A trophy fit for almost any firearm.” Another spot takes a more humorous approach, showing a batter stepping out of the box to adjust his cup in a lead-in to the tagline. The social videos are supported by a print campaign delivering the same “Fit is Everything” message.

If you’ve never heard of Safariland, you’re hardly alone. But the company generates over $400 million in sales annually and according to The Wall Street Journal, is preparing for an initial public offering some time next year. Safariland, which already outfits around 90 percent of police municipalities with duty gear such as holsters and bullet-proof vests, also recently acquired Vievu LLC, a company which makes police body cameras. While Safariland has been sizing up such an acquisition for years, the recent wave of high-profile police brutality cases was also a factor in the acquisition. “We targeted the police-cam market several years ago and really accelerated our discussions [with Vievu] over the last number of months, particularly on the back of some of the incidents that have occurred,” Safariland CEO Warren Kanders told The Wall Street Journal in June.