Terry Crews Plays Music with His Muscles, Encourages Viewers to Do the Same for Old Spice

By Bob Marshall 

Yes, one of the stars of The Expendables 2 (now playing in theaters everywhere) is back, flexing his impressively musical muscles for Old Spice and W+K.

In what we’re being told is what’s a “first-of-its-kind embeddable interactive experience,” Muscle Music allows viewers to record their very own percussion-laden jam session after they stream and impressive demo performed by Mr. Terry Crews. But, for those of us who learn better from following directions than button-mashing, Old Spice has provided us with this handy keyboard map:


Sure, it’s just sort of silly and gets a little boring after about a minute of messing around, but realize that this is as much of an ad for W+K, prodco MJZ, VFX company The Mill and Vimeo itself as much as it is for Old Spice. From a purely technological standpoint, this could be a big step forward in integrating audience interaction into streaming video. Your move, YouTube.

Credits after the jump.

Update: By the way, the Terry Crews has been answering questions following his new Old Spice ad launch on Reddit. Go here for the Q+A.

Creative Directors Jason Bagley & Craig Allen
Interactive Creative Director Matt O’Rourke
Copywriter Andy Laugenour
Art Director Max Stinson
Director of Interactive Production Pierre Wendling
Senior Interactive Producer Mike Davidson
Account Supervisor Jordan Muse
Director of Broadcast Production Ben Grylewicz
Audio Engineer Charlie Keating
UX Designer Jake Doran
Creative Tech Lead Billy McDermott
Executive Creative Directors Mark FItzloff / Susan Hoffman
Media Team Kelly Muller, Kerry Antos, Lisa Feldman

Production Company MJZ
Director Tom Kuntz
Line Producer Suza Horvat
Executive Producer Scott Howard
Director of Photography Chris Soos
Production Designer Andrew Reznik

VFX Company The Mill LA
VFX Supervisor Phil Crowe & Nick Tayler
Flame Artist Tara Demarco, Chris Knight, Sarah Eim, Gareth Parr, Billy Higgins, Glynn Tebbutt
VFX Producer Ari Davis
2D Lead Nick Tayler