Ted Baker London Teams Up With HUSH to Promote Autumn/Winter Collection With Humor

By Erik Oster 

Ted Baker London has collaborated with New York agency HUSH to launch StreetWinker.com, which punily asks visitors to “Spread the Ted” with a “Baker’s dozen” (the last we checked a baker’s dozen didn’t equal five, but whatever) of video shorts, digital “winks,” “Teditorials” and “Fashion Art” (or fart for short) in an effort to promote their autumn/winter collection. (Update: we were told by Ted Baker’s PR folks that they’re adding 8 more shorts before the end of the campaign. Sorry for getting all snarky there.)

Ted Baker London worked with Gavin McInnes (co-founder of Vice and Rooster) to craft the sardonic Redge Blaker persona featured on the site. Brand Communication Director at Ted Baker London Craig Smith commented, “Through channeling Redge Blaker, we have created enjoyable content that is genuinely laugh out loud funny, stylish and still very consistent with our brand messaging.” He elaborated that audiences want to share “something authentic” and for that reason much of the content is kept unbranded. The sites’ disparate content is all unified by a very British kind of irreverent humor.


The featured video short shows Blaker giving a bloke advice on how to stay cool around the ladies. “They’ll know if you’re over-eager or faking it,” he warns. When a cute bird (that’s British for “girl”) walks by, though, Baker’s advice goes out the window. You kind of have to see his reaction to get it, so I won’t give it away here: just watch the video above for yourself. We’ve included a few more of the shorts after the jump as well. Enjoy.