Tech Writer Amazed That Not All Start-ups Are Tech Focused (ie Adv. Start-ups)

By Matt Van Hoven 

TechCrunch writer Sarah Lacy went to Brazil where she took photos of some street art and learned that most major ad agencies have a satellite office there. As she points out, Brazil is oozing with creativity and it makes sense that shops would tap into that

Well, it’s also incredibly cheap to get design work done there compared to the States. But one of paragraph of her article made me giggle. It was this one (emphasis mine):

“As the younger generation of Brazilians are increasingly enthralled with starting companies, some of that talent is peeling off and starting new advertising businesses. Some of these are aimed at technology and tools, some have more of an agency or services model that may not scale. But the interesting thing is the companies are being started from the point of view of advertising professionals, not technologists or content creators like you see in much of the rest of the start-up world.


Start-ups are a funny thing, and sort of rare in the ad world. This is because typically you have two dudes (or ladies, whathaveyou) who go out and win clients before forming their business, then win some more and more until finally they have some cash to hire more folks. And since advertising is fundamentally creative, as opposed to rooted in physical goods, it’s not often you hear small shops referred to as start-ups.

Lacy goes on to extol the wonder of Brazil some more while noting that “we’re trapped between an advertising world that tech has wrecked and a yet-unrealized world where tech offers the new advertising answer. (Paid search alone isn’t it.)”. Indeed, we are. As communications progress through emerging tech, so does advertising and (apparently) Brazil’s ability to tap into all of it.

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