Team One Declassifies More of ‘The Bureau: XCOM Declassified’

By Jordan Teicher 

In April, we covered the first piece of ambiguous viral ad content for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, a 2K Games and 2K Marin video game. We’re back to report another promo, titled “Orbit & The Asteroid,” and produced by Team One. This 90-second spot isn’t any less ambiguous than the first ad, most of it about a 1960s era creepy clown television show and the young boy who watches it. According to the creators, there are a number of easter eggs that contain clues for the future of the video game series. The game won’t be released until August 20, which means there are four weeks left for more curious marketing spots, creepy clowns and all. Credits after the jump.


Chief Creative Officer- Chris Graves

Executive Creative Director- Alastair Green

Associate Creative Director-  Phil Henson

Copy  Writer – Patrick O’Rourke

Art Director- Nicky Veltman

EP- Sam Walsh

Account Director – Nathan Smith

Account Executive – Drew Porter

Producer-  Jenny Valladares

Production – Recommended Media

Director-  Henry Hobson

EP- Phillip Detchmendy

Line Producer-Stephanie Scire

DP – Adam Kimmel

EP-  Stephen Venning

Producer-  Jesse Looney

VFX Supervisors  – Gareth Parr, Felix Urquiza

Flame Lead – Gareth Parr 

Flame – Tara Demarco, Adam Lambert

Nuke – Victor Duncan, Zach Cole

Smoke – Robin McGloin

Creative Director – John Leonti

CG Lead -Felix Urquiza

CG-  TomGraham,  Tim Hanson

Editor -Gabe Diaz

Color – The Mill

Colorist-  Adam Scott

Sound Design and Composition: Q Department

Audio Mixing – Juice Studios

Mixer:  Bob Gremore