TBWA\Neboko Trolls the Competition for AXA

By Erik Oster 

TBWA\Neboko created a poster for AXA’s “almost impossible to crack” Victory bicycle lock, using broken locks sourced around Amsterdam.

The outdoor campaign used the locks to spell out the message: “The lock that should’ve been on your last bike.” It’s a simple but clever approach, using locks which were actually broken to communicate the Victory’s selling point as the toughest on the market. You can see the idea come together in the making of video above, right down to strolling the streets of Amsterdam to find the broken locks.

“Holland is the country of bikes,” TBWA\Neboko art director Rogier Verbeek explained to Adweek. “Almost everyone has a bike. Or had one. Because a lot of them get stolen. So if you own a bike, you probably also know the feeling of having your bike stolen.”

Verbeek speaks from experience as his own bike was stolen while working on the project (he was not using an AXA Victory lock). “It got stolen from in front of the agency,” he told the publication. “I was pretty bummed, since we were working on this campaign. It was a nice bike and my kid’s seat was on it. Hope the current owner gets himself a better lock.”



Client: AXA
Advertising Agency: TBWA\Neboko, Amsterdam
Agency: TBWA\Neboko
Art Director: Rogier Verbeek
Copywriter: Matthijs Schoo
Graphic Designer: Reza Harek
Photographer: Paul Theunis