TBWA\NEBOKO Takes the Heineken Party to Outer Space

By Patrick Coffee 

Over the summer, Heineken joined all sorts of other big-name clients in eschewing the official AOR model, breaking up with Wieden+Kennedy in the U.S. after five years and an odd dalliance with the former Doogie Howser, M.D.

The world’s third-largest beer maker then went to Publicis Worldwide–which is now its “lead global advertising partner” rather than its AOR–without a review. Weiden’s final, Spectre-themed ad starring a green screen and a fast boat later showed us what it had lost: big budgets and unbelievable product placements. (Tell us you weren’t pissed when you saw James fucking Bond drinking a second-rate watered-down lager.)

Heineken continues to work with other agencies around the world, and its latest ad from its home country comes from TBWA’s Amsterdam office NEBOKO. It continues the “Open Your World” campaign, which first launched several years ago.

If Yuri were a stereotypical Russian astronaut, we assume that he’d prefer a bottle of room-temperature vodka for his birthday. But we’ll go with it for the almost-twist, which recalls that scene in Gravity where George Clooney finally floats off into oblivion, answering the prayers of directors and pundits everywhere.


Those Dutch bros know the green is just the packaging, right? You could pour a Keystone Light in that bottle and it would look just as good.

Agency producer: Ronald Hietbrink
Production company: Czar
Director: Bart Timmer
Producer: Willem Bos
Executive Producer: Karlijn Paardekooper
Post-production: MPC
Music: Massive Music
Sound: Wave