TBWA\NEBOKO Gets Musical with ‘McTrax’ for McDonald’s Netherlands

By Erik Oster 

TBWA\NEBOKO launched a creative take on paper placemat creativity with “McTrax” for McDonald’s Netherlands, with app and tech development by This Page Amsterdam.

The placemat uses conductive ink, the placemat can be connected to a smartphone and transformed into a music production station. After selecting a beat, customers can select synth tones to create their own sounds and there’s even an option to record your own voice to complete the track.

That certainly seems like a lot more fun than crayons and word games.

“The paper of the placemat is what makes this technique so innovative,” TBWA creative technologist Radha Pleijsant and digital design lead Jan Jesse Bakker said in a statement. “The phone merely acts as the speaker and screen, which is easily connected to the placemat via Bluetooth, making the sure you can hear the music on your speakers.”


“This is exactly what McDonald’s is; a place to have fun and experience great moments, for everyone,” added Erwin Dito, director of marketing, communications and consumer insight for McDonald’s Netherlands.

What’s not to like about an interactive placemat?

Client: McDonald’s Nederland
App and tech development: This Page Amsterdam
Placemat development: Novalia, Londen
Programmed beats: Darius Dante