TBWA\Media Arts Lab Shoots ‘The Human Family’ on an iPhone

By Erik Oster 

Today TBWA\Media Arts Lab launched “The Human Family,” the latest in its “Shot on an iPhone” campaign for Apple.

The spot takes a different tone then past efforts in the campaign with narration Maya Angelou, who reads from her poem “Human Family.”

In its images as well as the words, the spot celebrates the similarities of that family, underscoring how “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.” Set to a dramatic piano score, Angelou’s narration is paired with a series of images shot, of course, on the iPhone 6S, which represent people’s differences, similarities and human connections.

It’s quite the departure from “Onions,” the 60-second spot TBWA\Media Arts Lab released to promote the iPhone 6S back in April.


At the time, we appreciated that the agency was keeping things light for Apple, but while “The Human Family” takes a more serious approach for the brand, it works. That’s largely thanks to Angelou, whose words and strong narration make what is otherwise just a slide show of photos and video seem like something more substantive.

We do still kind of miss Cookie Monster, though.