TBWA\MAL and Apple Go Light in New iPhone Spots

By Patrick Coffee 

In case you caught some of Apple’s super epic product launch event yesterday amidst all the Chinese translations and tech glitches, the company announced new versions of its signature product along with the much-discussed Apple Watch. Apple and its AOR TBWA\Media Arts Lab also launched a couple of new spots to promote the iPhone 6 and the slightly larger iPhone 6, which includes the “Plus” designation.

The celebrity hand models are Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake. In the first spot, the two break it down in what we choose to read as a (slightly off-key) a capella tribute to the late, great Stanley Kubrick:

The second spot is more straightforward, and it’s less a collaboration than a competition. (Spoiler: JT wins.)


If you’re looking for evidence of Apple assuming more autonomy on its campaigns, you won’t find it here. These spots were officially created via collaboration between the company’s in-house team and TBWA\Media Arts Lab.

No credits, though.