TBWA\Chiat\Day L.A, Danny DeVito and Quickbooks Want to Help You Get Your Money Back From Uncle Sam

By Patrick Coffee 

First, we need to get something off our chests: the most recent season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was pretty lame.

We get it. The stars all have other stuff going on, most episodes of the show have been amazing, and even Frasier didn’t stick around for 13 years. But something was notably missing. (Not that we could write jokes like that.)

One of Danny DeVito’s side gigs, obviously, is starring in ad campaigns like this one by TBWA L.A. for Intuit Quickbooks.


First the hero:

In the big string of spots that follows, Louie De Palma (for you geezers) demonstrates the many ways in which the client’s software can help you save money while you’re being a trainer or building a house or handling other people’s pets.

Each entry even includes the totally real names of its real stars and the only true Americans, small business owners.

“It’s time to get yours,” he says, with no need to add the implied, “and to hell with everyone else.”
Then there’s a series of :15s in which DeVito familiarizes viewers with the many things made all that much easier by Quickbooks.

Here’s how every up-and-coming agency should handle payroll.

It’s hard not to like anything with DeVito. What is it about him?

But eventually, we would like to see a campaign that glamorizes big business owners. Just a thought.


Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day L.A.
Client: Intuit Quickbooks
Campaign: “Quickbooks Backing You”

President: Erin Riley
Chief Creative Officer: Renato Fernandez
Executive Creative Director: Linda Knight

Creative Director: Kirsten Rutherford
Senior Copywriter: Claire Wyckoff
Senior Art Director: Heather Rosen
Copywriter: Mari McMurray
Art Director: Mack Gire
Copywriter: Sasha Verma
Art Director: JoEllen Smith
Design Director: Scott Hiers
Designer: Billie Heitzman
Designer: Aaron Nandor

Global Brand Leader: Cyril Bedat
Account Director: Matt Theisen
Management Supervisor: Jillian Rudman
Assistant Account Executive: Alix Johnson
Account Group Assistant: Daniel Bennett
Senior Project Manager: Josh Levine

Executive Producer: Kat Urban
Executive Print Producer: Hashi Clark
Print Producer: Whitney Knecht
Associate Producer: Joshua Levion
Director of Traffic Operations: Dessiah Maxwell
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Jennifer Anaya

Group Strategy Director: John Hickman
Strategy Director, Global: Anita Schillhorn
Strategy Director, Comms Planning: Emilie Arrive
Senior Strategist, Brand: Samira Shahabuddin
Content Strategist: Jamie Wynn
Junior Planner: Ariel Sayre
Data Strategist: Lea Johnson

Media Agency: Hearts & Science

Production Company: Dummy
Producer: Eric Liney
Director: Harold Einstein

Editorial Company: Arcade
Finishing: A52
Sound: Lime Studios