The Juke is Now an Urban Legend

By Michael Musco 

TBWA\Toronto has rolled out “Weather,” the second of three spots in the agency’s Nissan Juke campaign (“Dread” being the first). Directed by Psyop, the ad seems like its parodying the ending of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, what with the whole dropping something into the fiery volcano to save the world bit. The only thing missing is Frodo in the driver’s seat.

Apparently, Juke’s all-wheel drive system is powerful enough to withstand any form of weather and save a city from annihilation, thus meriting it urban legend status alongside Bloody Mary, the Jersey Devil and, um, Candyman.  Too bad the car’s design isn’t all that intimidating. See credits after the jump.


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Chief Creative Office: Jack Neary

Creative Directors: Mark Mason, Allen Oke, James Ansley

Copywriter: Graeme Campbell

Art Director: Cliff Seto, Mark Mason

Agency Producer: Nadya MacNeil, Lindsay Hutchison

Group Account Director: Richard Phillips

Account Director: Trevor Byrne

Director: Psyop

Production Company: Psyop

Psyop Creative Director: Laurent Ledru

Visual Effects: MassMarket

Executive Producer: Christine Schneider

Producer: Leighton Greer

VFX Supervisor: Kyle Cassidy

Animation Supervisor: Dan Vislocky

PreViz Supervisor: Matt Connolly

Composite Supervisor: Shahana Kahn

Modeling Supervisor: Andy Kim

Matte Painting Supervisor: Matt Conway