TBWA Nabs Vonage, Enfatico Gaffes, Dell Shops

By Matt Van Hoven 

Update 2, Enfatico’s statement: “Following Dell’s recent reorganization along business units, we are leveraging available resources and expertise from across WPP for Dell. This is a pragmatic response to the current economic environment, recognizing that available capacity exists across WPP. Rather than recruiting new staff to fill some of the capability gaps within Enfatico, we’re tapping into WPP to leverage available capacity to benefit Dell.”

Update: A representative from Dell has confirmed that the agency is looking outside Enfatico for additional support. Company representative David Frink said “Dell has an ongoing dialog with Enfatico. It is possible that we will tap other WPP agencies to serve Dell’s needs. It makes sense to do that given this economic market.” Frink did not acknowledge whether the company has met with agencies outside WPP.

Vonage has selected TBWA/Chiat/Day after a pitch that included Enfatico and Saatchi, according to our sources. Those familiar with the situation say Vonage is set to make an official announcement regaling the victor, but that it is indeed TBWA. Second place went to Enfatico, third to Itchy and Scratchy.


That’s Awkward
Tribble is reporting that during Enfatico’s last pitch for the Vonage business, one or more members of the Vonage team had their name(s) forgotten by none other than Torrence Boone himself. That’s never good. Enfatico did not comment on the matter.

Enfatico has been off the radar for awhile while it seeks out new business opportunities. A source familiar with the agency’s pitches tells us we can expect new business announcements in 2-3 weeks.

Uh Oh
And the agency will definitely need more business because Dell is shopping around for a new agency. The matter is delicate but we know for a fact that several agencies have been to Austin to meet with Dell and pitch. Dell did not respond to inquiries by 2 pm.

Another Enfatico tidbit: the agency has asked for the help of other WPP shops on certain aspects of the Dell work. In fact, the agency has always relied upon other WPP shops, but recently the creative guidance has been less Enfatico.

As expected the situation is being handled quietly. Stay tuned, we’ll have more for you on this story as it develops. Meantime you can e-mail us at matt at mediaistro.com, superspyin at gmail.com or use the anonymous tips boc.

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