TBWA Gets Goodby Strategist Hashem Bajwa

By Matt Van Hoven 

TBWA announced via their Twitter feed today that they hired Hashem Bajwa, former Goodby SF digital strategy director.

The tweet: “Introducing Hashem Bajwa, former Goodby, Silverstein Digital Strategist… now a TBWA\Digital Artist. Innovation and Strategy.”

Here’s Bajwa’s thoughts on digital, which he posted over on Brian Morrissey’s blog (which you should read). “[W]e can’t use digital like it’s just another ad medium. Iain Tait of Poke London describes creating things for the web like opening up a TV and rewiring how it works completely, it’s not just thinking about what to run on the TV. Far too many advertisers still (wrongly) think in that way, about ‘running’ their ads on the web.”

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