TBWA Continues Ad Blitz for Nissan Note with Fun ‘Ghost Train’ Spot

By Erik Oster 

“Anticipate the unexpected with Safety Shield technologies,” says a narrator in Paris-based TBWA\G1’s spot “Ghost Train” for the Nissan Note. Normally such an announcement would come as a somber reminder of what could go wrong without the aid of such technology, usually following the car stopping short of a child who has run into the street (or something along those lines). We’ve all seen those ads. But TBWA\G1 went a different route with “Ghost Train,” attempting to make a utilitarian technology seem fun.

In the work above, a couple takes their car into a kind of drive-in haunted house, which is a thing that really should exist. The driver is alerted by the Safety Shield technology before a series of the haunted house’s robotic ghosts and ghouls approach the car. They seem to be having a lot of fun, and the high-tech looking baddies are some good eye-candy. It’s an entertaining little 46-second spot (although the Franz Ferdinand song featured was a little annoying). Nothing mind-blowing, but I’ll take a little low-key Halloween fun to start my Monday. Credits after the jump. Agency: TBWA \ G1
Executive Creative Director: Rudi Anggono
Art directors: Marianne Fonferrier / Kiminori Suzuki
Copywriters: Antoine Colin / Ela Tengirsek
Director: Carl Erik Rinsch
Head of TV production: Maxime Boiron
Production: Soixante-Quinze
Director: Carl-Erik Rinsch
TV producer: Virginie Chalard
Post-producer: Reunan Rescurio
Post Production: Home VFX / Mikros /Eight
Executive Producer: Yuki Suga
Line Producer: Brent Spector & Dominik Ferro
Supervisor VFX : Chris Fieldhouse & Nicolas Rey
Post-producer : Anne Ségrettin & Christophe Huchet
Sound Producer : Benoit Dunaigre
Sound Design : Kouz Production
Band : Franz Ferdinand
Track/title : Evil Eye