TB12 Bids a Fond Retirement to Tom Brady in Full-Page SI Ad

By Kyle O'Brien 

Tom Brady will go down as the GOAT (greatest of all time) for many fans, especially those in New England and Tampa Bay, where the quarterback ruled the gridiron. To pay tribute to the football player and his accomplishments, TB12, the health and wellness brand co-founded by Brady, took out a full-page ad in Sports Illustrated’s Tom Brady retirement commemorative issue.

The issue, which hits newsstands today, features two lines of copy to promote Brady and his company.

Sports Illustrated asked if we wanted to run an ad for TB12 in this issue. 


We said sure, but it already feels like this issue is an ad for us. 


TB12 pays tribute to founder Tom Brady in Sports Illustrated.

TB12 is the brand surrounding the TB12 Method, which Tom Brady and his body coach, Alex Guerrero built. It stemmed from helping Brady bounce back from an injury, but has evolved into a holistic health and wellness lifestyle.

Robby Ficker, director of brand marketing at TB12 said that the brand was founded to get people out of pain and that Brady is the brand’s greatest success story.

“His career is an example of what TB12 can do for anyone—live pain-free and perform your best with pliability. So any commemoration of Tom’s unprecedented career is organically an advertisement for our TB12 Body Coaches and the TB12 Method that all our clients experience,” Ficker said in a statement, adding that the ad was a simple and bold juxtaposition to the stats and highlights and tributes in the issue.

“After watching the sports world go nuts with highlights and sizzles after Tom retired, we took a decidedly different approach. We knew we weren’t going to beat the ESPNs and Sports Illustrateds of the world at their own game, so we began concepting ideas that felt fresh and ownable to TB12 and TB12 alone. We kept asking ourselves, ‘What is no one else doing? And how can we do it fast?'” added Luke Behrends executive creative director, Words From The Woods.

The brand also ran three digital ads that ran on social over the last few weeks and were designed to be as topical as possible leading up to the announcement of Tom Brady’s retirement and the Super Bowl. They include Brady sleeping better because of the brand’s sleep aids and stating that it’s fine that Brady isn’t in the Super Bowl but 8 billion others aren’t either.


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