TAXI Vancouver Comes Clean for Hughes Carwash

By Erik Oster 

Bacon doesn’t make everything better. Hughes Carwash “wanted to capture the emotional relief one feels after having their car washed.” So TAXI Vancouver took that idea and ran with it — all the way to crazy town.

Their four new spots for Hughes Carwash — “Bacon Underwear,” “Rabies Shot,” “Nose Hairs” and “The Internet?” — all feature a couple coming clean with each other about various things they’ve been keeping secret. Three of the four spots open in the same way: with the woman revealing she’s not a natural redhead and the man revealing that the necklace he bought her (and that she is currently wearing) is actually just a string of sausages. That should give you an idea of the crazy brand of humor that fills out these spots. One of these thirty second ads contains a full 25 seconds of the man laughing. So clearly over-the-top is what TAXI was going for here.


While the campaign as a whole may not be laugh out loud funny, they do have a certain meshugana charm to them, and the actors portraying the couple do an admirable enough job. The exception being the one that wastes most of its thirty seconds on the man laughing. If you don’t already know the concept behind the spots, the idea may not make sense until the end of the ad, with the “It Feels Good to Come Clean” tagline. Without such an excellent tag to tie things together, it would be easy to forget why we’re watching these crazy people in the first place. All four of these spots will air during Canadian coverage of the Super Bowl. Click through for “The Internet?” and credits.

Client: Hughes Carwash
Agency: TAXI Vancouver

ECD: Kevin Barclay
CD’s: Matt Bielby / Craig Redmond
Art Director: Derek Anderson
Writer: Alex Bird / David Giovando
Producer: Sarah Vingoe
Accnt Director: Jason Holley
Planner: Jack Dayan / Ben Tarr / Karen Pearce

Production: Sons and Daughters
Director: David Quinn
Exec.Producer: Dan Ford / Jeff Darragh

Post Production: Post Pro Media
Editor: Daniel Pruger
Effects: Randy Egan

Sound: Wave Studios