TAXI NY Presents The Future

By Michael Musco 

This week, TAXI New York launched their campaign for a new renegade 4G mobile Internet brand called Rover. The campaign is being focused on an idea called “Evology” which is basically a fancy word for the combination of technology and evolution. Everything begins on their website where you’re greeted by Rover’s sexy, a little sexually charged hologram Evologist who pretty much breaks down the idea of Evology. It kind of reminds you of Star Wars. “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”

You can also view videos like the one above from the website along with others that are composed of emoticon babies and cat anchor men.


“We wanted to put a stake in the ground for Rover with the launch campaign,” said Seth Cummings, EVP, Rover, in a statement. “We were looking for an idea that could not only connect with our 18-24 audience, but also position Rover as a unique brand and a total departure from what’s available in the category. TAXI delivered and we’re excited to see the impact of the campaign in market.”

We’re not sure if they needed to go so over the top with emoticon babies and cat anchors. Quiznos is doing enough with cats right now. Rover looks like a product that will basically sell itself as long as it has no defects and requires duct tape.

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