Tampax Gets Real in New Serena Williams v. Mother Nature Spot

By Matt Van Hoven 

Ladies, raise your hand if you can remember a feminine product commercial you liked. Go on, put em up. Maybe you recall the Schick (Wilkinson Sword) Quattro spot from back in April. Tampax is taking a step in the same direction with the “____ vs. Mother Nature” campaign, and this time they’ve sent Momma Menstruation after the snarly Serena Williams. AdFreak saw this coming, but what no one could predict was the execution.

In a mock press conference, Williams and Nature take questions from the press. Having apparently been asked if there is any bad blood between Nature and Williams, the former replies, “Well, there is plenty of blood, but none of it’s bad.” Heh. The NY Post is all in a kerfuffle about it &#151 but isn’t it time we demystified the rag? I mean, come on &#151 did any of you raise your hand when I asked if you can recall a previous lady-time commercial? No, you didn’t, unless you’ve made one yourself. As Defamer notes “We’re sick and tired of commercials avoiding bodily fluids. Rather than seeing dancing bears extol the power of a toilet paper’s absorbency, why not just say, ‘This product’s great for diarrhea?'”

Trim That Bush, Again, Ladies