Tampa Man Nabs Finalist Spot in ‘World’s Greatest Salesperson’ Contest

By Kiran Aditham 

Meet Eric Polins, a Tampa, FL-based gentleman who’s one of three people that earned a free trip to Cannes to take part in Ogilvy’s “World’s Greatest Salesperson” competition.

Tailoring issues aside, Polins’ pitch for “Adoptabrick.org” won over the folks at Ogilvy, who received submissions from 12 countries. Polins, who is a managing partner at marketing consultancy HCP & Associates, is the only one though from the good ol’ US of A. Joining him on the French Riviera will be fellow finalists Yong Lee Abbas from Hokkaido, Japan, and Todd Herman from Edmonton, Canada.


Audiences at Cannes will judge the entries in real-time and the winner as we mentioned before will win a three-month fellowship at OgilvyOne to “help craft the sales guide to the 21st century.” You can view the other two finalist entries after the jump.

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