Talk To George, Steve, Joseph, Angela, Bob And More

By SuperSpy 

Joseph Jaffe of Crayon has come up with a clever idea to launch his client ooVoo– a company that offers group video chat and messaging for free for up to six people. Jaffe decided to hose a series of chats with bloggers and whomever else wanted to join the conversation. George Parker asked us to participate in one of his talks and we agreed. Our conference is on Valentine’s Day at 12:40 pm with Angela Natividad who we think is awesome. We’re supposed to be topless. Um, we’ll be audio only, but maybe Angela will represent.

Sign up here for whatever talk has open spots left. Steve Hall, by the way, is hosting some good chats. See his full list here. Bonus – ooVoo is making a donation to the Frozen Pea Fund, to support the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign, in honor of blogger and cancer patient Susan Reynolds.

Included in the full roster of talks:

Mitch Joel/Six Pixels of Separation
Steve Hall/AdRants
Bob Garfield/AdAge & On the Media
Joseph Jaffe/JaffeJuice
John Wall & Christopher Penn/Marketing Over Coffee
Irina Slutsky/
Connie Reece & Susan Reynolds Every Dot Connects / Boobs on Ice
Chris Thilk/Movie Marketing Madness
Erin Kotecki Vest/Queen of Spain
David Meerman Scott/The New Rules of Marketing & PR
Geoff Livingston/Now Is Gone
Allan Cox/Your Inner CEO
George Parker/Adscam
Scott Sigler
Chris Brogan
C.C. Chapman
Susan Reynolds/Boobs on Ice
Laura “Pistachio” Fitton